Build a product your customers will love and pay for, with coaching from an internet entrepreneur and product veteran utilizing over a decade of product leadership experience.

Product Strategy
What is your vision for your product? Who does it benefit? How does it create value? I will help you identify, hone, and articulate what makes your product unique and valuable to your target customer while remaining focused on your business goals. By recalibrating your product strategy, we will better inform your product roadmap and improve your product’s chance for success in the market.

Product Marketing
Are you releasing a new product or revisiting the marketing plan for an existing product? We will outline your product’s positioning, messaging, and overall go-to-market strategy. I will teach you how to effectively interview potential customers or members of your sales team to ensure that the value of your product is understood. Finally, we will evaluate the efficacy of your existing distribution channels or assess new opportunities to drive demand and usage.

Product Design
Is your product vision translating into material outcomes for your target customer, or is your product getting in the way of their success? With the aid of design thinking and problem solving exercises, informed by several years as a real-world usability, interaction, user experience, and visual design practitioner, we will simplify your product so that it’s value is obvious and unmistakable.

Product Development
Do your product teams have the information they need to build a great product? We will streamline your development process (tools, methodologies, etc.) and your shared artifacts (roadmaps, PRDs, prototypes, etc.) to translate your product vision into actionable and achievable units of work. Additionally, I will guide you through the trade-offs of reducing scope in order to hit a deadline or to validate fundamental assumptions about your product.